Kevin Waters

For State House

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Kevin Waters headshot
Kevin Waters headshot

Kevin Waters with his wife and two daughters

Meet Kevin

As a 4th generation Southwest Washingtonian, Kevin’s roots run deep in our community. He is an active local business leader who serving on several community boards. He started his business, Backwoods Brewing, and grew it into more than 70 employees. From 2010 to 2019, Kevin was a Port of Skamania Commissioner and has since taken on the role of economic development manager for Skamania County and Skamania EDC executive director. He plans to continue his service to the community by representing the 17th State House district in Olympia.

Kevin's Plan

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A Better Place to Live

Kevin knows that for SW Washington to thrive, we need to create an affordable environment. By cutting taxes and keeping government out of the way of small businesses, Kevin can help make Clark/Skamania County the best place in the country for families to live and grow.

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Sustainable Infrastructure

Kevin knows we can’t have a growing economy without infrastructure that works. In fact, he was forced to move his family’s business from Carson to Stevenson because of bad infrastructure, and that needs to change. Kevin will fix the infrastructure that is holding back our region, and help unleash our economy.

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A Voice for Our Community

We all know that we are not being heard by our government. We need a leader who will advocate for our wants and needs, and Kevin is prepared to serve as a voice for our community.

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Funding the Police

With the crime rate escalating, it is more important now than ever to fund law enforcement. Kevin believes in fully funding the police department so that we can protect our families and avoid making the mistakes we have seen be made in Portland.

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Fighting the Drug Crisis

The fentanyl crossing our border is too accessible and too affordable. Paranoia, mental health issues, high-risk lifestyles – drug abuse is causing irreparable damage. It’s killed more people faster than anything we’ve ever seen. Kevin will make sure our police have the tools and training to respond to this crisis, keeping our children safe.

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Defending Women’s Rights

Rather than backing Washington voters and their support for a woman’s right to choose, the majority party politicized it. Kevin will never go against a voter-approved initiative like they have. It is his priority to serve us and our families, not the career politicians in Washington.

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Improving Healthcare

Currently, the long-term care program offered by the state forces people who will never benefit from the program to pay into it. The program is meant to help – not hurt – our families, yet this approach isn’t benefitting everyone. Kevin supports making the program optional, allowing people to find healthcare that fits their individual needs.